Singing Bowls for Meditation - What Are They?

11 Mar

Singing Bowls are one of the many styles of wind chimes that are still popular today. A standing bowl or hanging bell is simply an inverted pyramid, held up by a central metal stem topped by a rim. These bowls often come in a variety of diameters, ranging from a few millimetres to a meter in diameter, and are usually bowl shaped. They are hung from walls or from hooks on porch posts. 

 The name "singing bowls" is a misnomer: while the shape does mimic the shape of a bird's beak, it is not a bird. Instead, these bowls have holes, which are sometimes decorated with ornamental scrollwork, or carvings. They are used to create a meditative atmosphere in homes where sound may cause insomnia. Many bowls have a hole on top, but the sound they produce is not deep enough to encourage meditation. Some of these bowls are made from carved stone or metal, and their hole is deeper to allow meditation. Others are simply hollowed out. 

 Bowls have long been used in sound therapy to promote relaxation, and some cultures have associated singing bowls at with specific deities or religious figures. In Tibet, for example, bowl sounds are associated with Durga, the elephant-like goddess of healing. Similar beliefs are found in India and the Middle East, where bowls are often used in prayer and meditation. 

 Many bowls are now available in models that incorporate sound and waves. Active ingredients in these bowls, which often include binaural beats, help to reinforce the benefits of meditation. Different frequencies of tones and pulses encourage different types of deep sleep or drowsiness. 

 Some Silver Sky Imports bowls have only a single deep frequency, while others offer two or more wave frequencies. Frequencies can be set to target specific muscle groups or specific parts of the brain. The sound waves can be regular or pulsating. Some practitioners believe that by using singing bowls in sound therapy, Tibetan monks were able to achieve a state of relative peace and relaxation, while allowing the subconscious mind to come to rest. 

 Research in this field has been done on the health benefits of musical hallucinations in sound bowls, but very little research has been done on the ability of this type of meditation for relieving symptoms of stress and insomnia. Singing bowls provide an easy way to do meditation while relaxing. While there have been no scientific studies to support the claims of singing bowls, they have long been used as a source of relaxation in traditional cultures.

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