The Importance of Singing Bowls For Healing

11 Mar

 Singing Bowls makes great gifts for any occasion. They're fun and festive, and are suitable for any age group. They are traditionally made from clay, which is why they have such a traditional connotation. However, they can be made from other materials, as well. You'll find them made from crystal, glass, porcelain, wood, ivory, stone or acrylic. Most will come in bowls which are 'bowl-like', but some are 'vase-like' and others come in elongated shapes (such as geometrical figures). 

 A hanging or sitting bell is basically an inverted conga bell, with the rim resting on the table or other surface on which it is hung. Such bells typically exist in a range of diameters, from a couple of centimetres to about a metre in circumference. They are commonly used in meditation practices, to promote relaxation and quietness. They can also be used for the purpose of 'crystal healing'. As with most singing bowls, these bells are designed to generate vibrations that promote healing. 

 The primary use for singing bowls at in Western cultures has been in the practice of meditation. In China, for instance, they are often used for meditation and qigong, which combine Chinese medicine with Eastern meditation practices. They are also used by many who practice yoga meditation, as well as those who practice other forms of alternative, spiritual meditations. 

Western musicological theories suggest that bowls are highly complex musical instruments due to their ability to produce complex sounds, with pitch and quality varying according to the depth of the voice that speaks them. This has led some to suggest that bowls may be the missing link in a musicologist's studio. Tibetan Singing Bowls may be the missing link in the studio of a musician who is interested in generating sound meditations through playing a musical instrument. While bowling may not be the best musical instruments to start with, they certainly have their uses in the world of Tibetan singing bowls.

It should be noted that Silver Sky bowls are used for different purposes in Tibetan culture. They are used for worship, prayer, medicine, dancing, sound meditation, etc. Furthermore, bowls are commonly used as utensils during prayer sessions as well as for playing musical instruments such as cymbals, drums, etc. Given this contextual information, it appears that they are well-suited to sound therapy and the holistic practices that encompass sound healing. Further studies are needed to corroborate this conclusion. 

However, the above-mentioned contextual information begs the question as to whether Tibetan Singing Bowls is actually useful for the purpose of sound therapy or not. The answer is that they most definitely are useful for sound therapies and the holistic meditations associated with them. Given the context that they are primarily used for prayer sessions, it would seem logical that they would be used for tantra yoga sessions as well. Therefore, they can be seen as a form of tantric meditation equipment as well.

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